Big Advantages of a Chilux 6-mode multifunctional baby crib that parents need

Parents are the ones that care for their babies the most, that’s why they always choose the best products for their children. When it comes to baby cots, one problem raised is that babies grow really fast, some can be 5-6 cm taller in one year, causing their parents to spend money on new cots in spite of the fact that the old ones are almost new.

Understanding that problem, Chilux created 6-mode multifunctional baby cots, which can turn into 6 different types of beds, suitable for babies from newborn to 12 years old.

Introducing 6 modes of a Chilux multifunctional cot

#1st mode: Baby cot for infants, suitable for babies from 0-6 months old.

With this mode, the cot is 35 cm deep and used for infants.

mode 1

#2nd mode: Toddler cot, used for babies from 6-12 months old.

When babies start learning to walk, sometimes they can stand up on their feets. That’s when parents can change the cots’ depth to 50 cm for babies’ safety.

mode 2

#3rd mode: Portable playard, for babies from 12-36 months old.

Babies at this age can walk or crawl all over the place to experience new things. But sometimes, when parents need a break, they can temporarily put their babies in portable playards to get some free time for work or household chores.

mode 3

#4th mode: Bed to bed, for babies to sleep safe beside their parents.

Functioning as an extra bed, this mode removes distance between babies and their parents during sleep. So every night, parents can easily and comfortably place their babies in a safe sleeping place and enjoy the nights together.

mode 4

#5th mode: Desk/Office table, suitable for both children and adults.

One of a Chilux baby cot’s best modes is a desk. This mode is perfect for babies studying at junior schools, when they need a proper place to do homework.

mode 5

#6th mode: Full-size bed with 166cm in length, best for juniors.

This mode is also for juniors, it is easily converted from desk-mode above, turn into a big comfortable bed.

mode 6

What are Chilux 6-mode multifunctional baby cots made from?

Of all the material available on the market, we choose New Zealand pine wood for building baby cots. Not only is pine wood durable, but it also possesses a flat no-thorny surface, which provides the best comfortable feel for babies.

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