High chair is a must-have for babies. How to choose the best one?

High chair is designed for safely feeding a baby and should be able to keep your baby secure throughout his meal. The best ones should have adjustable inclines, 3-point harnesses (or even 5-point) and will be able to grow along with your baby over the next few years.

Best feature you should find in an excellent high chair

Since babies usually move all over the place when eating, this could take a lot of effort to feed them. Using a high chair will help you hold your baby still enough through the meal. Thus you won’t have any nightmare feeding your baby.

Do you find yourself googling what is the best high chair available? Or, What’s the best foldable high chair? What is the best high chair for small spaces? These are all questions a a mom would have and it’s very overwhelming and confusing with the abundance of high chair products that are out there on the market!

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In fact, these are the top necessites you should look for in any high chair:

  1. Safety. It is essential to keep your baby safe from slipping or falling out of the chair, by strapping your baby into the chair.

  2. Allows baby to sit at 90 degrees. The golden rule is 90-90-90! This means a 90 degree angle at the hips, 90 degree angle at the knees, and a 90 degree angle at the ankle with feet flat. You want to find a high chair that will allow you to easily put your baby in this position when feeding.

  3. Has a footstool (adjustable is best). Dangling feet while eating is no good for your baby’s trunk and core support and stability. Not having proper foot support can cause your baby to be inattentive and less focused at meal times.

  4. Easy to clean. To purchase an easy to clean high chair, it is best that the high chair is made of plastic. Not only plastic is light weight, but also very durable and easy to wash over.

  5. Removable tray. Having your baby’s tray at the height of their elbows allows for proper range of motion when eating. A removable tray is another addition that can be good if you want to remove it and have your baby join you at the dinner table for a meal!



This Chilux High Chair includes all the pros of an excellent high chair listed above. We tried our best to create amazing high chair for parents because we understand: Our children is our future.
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