How baby walker can free parents and bring joy to your babies

Many parents struggle when their babies begin to craw, they can everywhere and parents always have to keep an eye on their babies. To some degree, babies could harm themselves while their parents got tired. Baby walker is created for you to deal with those situation.

Huge benefits of baby walkers

Produces fun and entertainment for little ones

A baby walker is like a toy for your baby. Growing babies can have hours of fun in their walkers as they experiment with their first steps and enjoy the sensation of rolling around.

Some baby walkers double as activity centers that complement your child’s learning. Shapes, colors, sensations and even sounds are built into the walkers to make them more attractive to little ones.

Boost your little one’s sense of independence

When a child starts to crawl or tries to walk without assistance, we as parents watch their every move. And in a way, this protective intention restricts our little one’s movements and independence.

However, when children are just beginning to crawl and walk, they need to be able to move around in a safe way.

If your child uses a baby walker, you don’t have to hover constantly, and your child can be more independent. Baby walkers help to offer security and come with guarantees

Parents have more time for other activities

One of the reasons that moms and dads use baby walkers is because they need time to do other things.

This is important to keep parents from becoming overwhelmed. And of course, it allows them to carry our necessary tasks around the house like cooking, cleaning, etc.

Chilux Walk S Baby Walker

chilux baby walker

It’s a safe and scientific way to help babies improve motor skills and learn to walk soon. The new u-frame shape prevents accidents by anti-falling and provides straight direction.

The locking of the wheels aids in controlling the speed of the walker and allowing the baby to walk steadily. The height can be flexible adjusted in three levels to suit the height of the baby. The musical toy helps your baby grow their senses and have fun while practicing to walk. The cushion is made of soft leather fabric that is anti-falling and simple to clean.

The peepee plastic material is long-lasting and non-toxic.

6 colors option for parents.

Chilux commits:

  • 2-YEAR warranty
  • 1-1 Exchange within 100 days
  • FREE delivery national-wide

Chilux showroom: PS-G-01, Lakeville Residence Shoplot ,68, Jalan Sibu, Taman Wahyu, 68100 Batu Caves, Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur

Hotline: +60 18328 2092

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