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Baby cot’s size becomes extremely important because this factor may affect the safety for babies as well as the aesthetics of the room space. Not only that, the size of the crib also affects the baby’s sleep. Therefore, parents should be careful in choosing the crib size for their babies.

Choosing the right size for your baby’s cot

According to some studies, cribs have an effect on personality development and lifestyle of the child. Another US study about sleep found that babies who were put to sleep in a crib early showed positive signs for being in a separate bedroom. The proof is that newborns who have been sleeping in a crib can easily sleep in their own room without their parents’ support, which shows independence and self-discipline.

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Not only that, research also shows that babies who have the habit of sleeping in cribs will rarely cry in the middle of the night, avoiding losing their energy. These are positive signs in the formation and development of the baby’s personality. Your baby will be less irritable and fussy. Therefore, it can be said that the crib is one of the few items that have a strong influence on the development of a child’s personality and lifestyle.

Children grow up fast every day, when buying a crib for a baby, besides from the material that is safe for health, the size of the crib for the baby is also quite important when choosing.

Why is cot size so important?

Babies are most active in their crib during their first months. If the crib is too small, it will make it difficult for the baby to move around and be comfortable. When resting, if the crib is not large enough, the baby will have difficulty stretching his feet and hands, so he will cry easily, and can not sleep. Some small sized cribs often have railings that are not high enough and babies wouldn’t play safely and easily climb out.

Meanwhile, a crib that is too large will waste space. Moreover, when looking at the room with a crib that is too large, it will create suffocation and mystery design for the room.

So. Parents need to choose the cirb size for their baby carefully!

Currently, there are many different sizes for baby cribs. To choose the right crib size, parents need to know their room’s size and the age of the baby.

In case you find it difficult to decide which size is right for your child, to make it easier, parents can refer to convertible cribs that can be turned into different sizes such as Chilux multi-function cribs.

Chilux multi-function cot is easy to customize its size

Unlike normal cribs, Chilux cribs have 6 different convertible modes suitable for each stage of baby’s development. Thanks to the 6-mode design, a baby can use one Chilux crib until the age of 12.

Besides, the Chilux multifunctional crib has 3 depth levels: At level 1, the bed has a depth of 35cm, suitable for babies from 0-6 months old. Till the baby can crawl, parents can adjust the crib to a depth of 50cm. When the baby can walk, parents can change the crib to a depth of 65cm. Thanks to the Chilux cribs’ versatile design, parents can easily take care of their children at each different stage.

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Not only that, the Chilux crib can also be converted into a regular bed with a length of 1m66 and a load of up to 50kg. Therefore, parents can easily help their babies to have independent sleep habits.

Understanding the hesitation when choosing the size of a baby crib, Chilux has made constant efforts improving our crib designs. With the desire to support children in the development stage, we always bring quality products created from devotion and sincerity.

If parents need to know more about Chilux cribs, please contact Chilux at our showroom addresses:

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In addition, Chilux also supports free shipping nationwide and supports exchange within 100 days. Parents who need detailed advice on products or order quickly, please contact Hotline: +60 18328 2092 or visit the website for the best support.


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