Why baby cot is extremely important for your little one?

Self-assembled baby cot, baby crib

When babies enter the stage of crawling and taking their first steps, to ensure their safety is the biggest concern of mothers. Many mothers have chosen to buy a baby cot, so that the baby has a safe space to sleep and play while the mother has more spare time to do other things.

Instead of choosing a plastic crib or ball, many mothers choose to buy a pre-assembled, self-assembled crib line for their baby because this product has many outstanding features such as being made of very solid wood and smart design suitable for children to use.

The benefits of pre-assembled cribs and self-assembled cribs for babies

Self-assembled cot, self-assembled baby crib is a product that creates a safe space and protects the baby within a certain range.

There are many different types of baby cots available for children of all ages. The products are mainly made of wood, so they are very sturdy and easy to transport when changing the play space for the baby.

There are many benefits the assembled crib brings to the baby such as.

Help your baby play safely: The baby cot is assembled from the surrounding crib walls with a height suitable for each baby’s age. So the baby can freely play comfortably in the crib space without the mother having to worry about the baby climbing out, absolutely safe when the baby uses it. Mom can take advantage of the time to work or clean the house without worrying about the baby running around in danger.

Easy to disassemble: The outstanding advantage of a pre-assembled baby cot is that parents can easily disassemble, assemble and move it easily and conveniently. The nature of the pre-assembled crib is designed with the slats connected together. When not in use, you can easily disassemble it and store it neatly in a corner of the house, saving lots of living space for the family.

Stimulate the development of young children: In addition to the benefit of helping children play safely, it is easy to disassemble. The built-in cot is also a product that stimulates the development of children. Currently, the models of assembled cribs for babies are often designed with many bright colors, accompanied by toys such as animals, trees, vehicles… the baby will be free to explore and stimulate curiosity. and cognitive thinking

Assemble a crib by yourself: When buying a pre-assembled crib, you can completely assemble the crib bars by yourself into a safe and sturdy crib for your baby. The completion of the crib for the baby will help the mother feel her love for the baby and evaluate whether this crib is really safe.

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With the above outstanding advantages, it is certain that the assembled crib, the self-assembled crib, will be one of the indispensable items in the baby’s development journey that mothers cannot ignore. So where to choose to buy a pre-assembled crib, a self-assembled crib, which brand so that the baby can use it for a long time and safely is a question that many mothers care about.

Self-assembled wooden crib for babies at Chilux

Where to buy assembled cribs and self-assembled cribs for babies is a question many mothers are interested in because the market for this product is very wide and diverse. So when choosing, parents need to be cautious, learn carefully about the origin, and materials.

At Chilux, there are currently assembled and self-assembled crib products that many mothers trust and choose to use for their babies. So, what are the outstanding features of the assembled cribs and self-assembled cribs at Chilux that are preferred by many mothers, let’s find out through some advantages such as:

Detailed instructions on how to assemble: When you buy a pre-assembled crib or self-assembled crib at Chilux, you will be delivered to your home by the staff, with detailed instructions. Or moms can go to Youtube and type in the keyword “Chilux crib installation instructions” and there will be extremely detailed video instructions so that mothers can easily complete the beautiful crib by themselves without losing too much time and effort.

The details are designed to fit together, easy to disassemble: The details of the crib at Chilux are designed to fit together, and sink into the interior easily for parents to remove and install when needed or not needed. . In addition, the distance between the bars and the crossbar of the crib will not make the baby’s limbs stuck when playing.

Produced with 100% New Zealand wood: New Zealand pine wood is considered the best wood material for production today because it is not moldy, is not chiseled, can withstand large loads, so it ensures inherent certainty. of the crib. The wooden surface is treated to be smooth, safe for the baby’s tender skin.

In addition, when buying pre-assembled cribs or self-assembled cribs at Chilux, you will have our warranties:

  • 1 for 1 exchange within 100 days.
  • Genuine 3 year warranty and free shipping nationwide.

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