Why Chilux Use New Zealand Pine Wood For Building Our Baby Cot

New Zealand pine wood for babies, why? Although there are many types of wood available to build a cot, pine wood is the most suitable one for its unique advantages.

What are the advantages of New Zealand pine wood?

The first advantage of pine wood is that the log is round, evenly, without wood or wooden eyes. Because of that particular characteristic, it is easier for New Zealand pine logging to be exploited and processed.

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Another important advantage of pine wood is its superb durability, which makes long-lasting baby cots, not to mention the beautiful surface pine wood has.

Compared to other types of wood, pine wood has a lighter weight, suitable for import and export processes.

But why do we use pine wood in New Zealand and not other countries?

New Zealand is the country of logging. There are 1.7 million hectares of plantation forestry in the country and about 90 per cent of these plantations consist of the fast growing pine and the average age at harvest is 28 years.

The main reason we choose New Zealand pine wood is that pine wood is planted for commercial use, not pine wood from natural forest.

Special advantages of New Zealand pine wood in building baby cots

Pine wood is light in weight, therefore Chilux pine cots are very light weight and help mothers move the cots effortlessly.

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With a smooth, non-thorny surface, pine wood ensures maximum safety for children’s skin. But pinewood alone can’t create elegant secure cots.

At Chilux manufactory, we hired the most experienced carpenter to meticulously craft your baby cots, so that when you receive your cot, it will be perfect. We really hope to give babies the best quality product meanwhile free parents from worries about their kids’ sleep.


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